11.9 LATENT SPECTATORS guide tour & talk:An Afternoon with the Spectators

Venue UNArt Center No.150 NanQuan Road North, Pudong, Shanghai
Entry Price ¥30.00
Artist Lisa Chang Lee, Johannes Langkamp, Coralie Vogelaar, Iris Long, Florian Weigl

At  3p.m. on November 9, curators and artists of the exhibition Latent Spectators will bring an informal guided tour and discussion to UNArt. 


15:00 → 15:30

Guide Tour

Iris、Florian Weigl

15:40 → 16:30

Talk:An Afternoon with the Spectators

Iris、Florian Weigl、Lisa Chang Lee、Coralie Vogelaar、Johannes Langkamp

Curators and artists of the exhibition Latent Spectators will reflect on the exhibition, elaborate on their work followed to an open discussion in UNArt. Coralie Vogelaar, Johannes Langkamp and Lisa Lee will respond to the current reality of ubiquitous computing and permeating “measuring” and data collecting machines, and provide their critical feedbacks on how scientific research mindset and analytical tools can be employed in artistic creations, in particular, how artists can translate the data into artistic and sensorial experiences.

30 people


Pricing:30RMB each for admission,you also can buy in UNArt Center

Exhibiton Latent Spectators 2019.11.09-2020.01.19
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