Six highlights | "Bauhaus Caravan China Tour" Shanghai Pudong Library Reading Festival Tour Exhibition Fourth Station "Bauhaus and Reading"

Tour Highlights 1 Bauhaus Mini Library

The Bauhaus caravan will showcase nearly 30 new books from the German Book Information Center to commemorate the Bauhaus 100-year special exhibition.

These include the introduction of the German Bauhaus cultural history: "Weimar's experiment - German cultural history 1918-1933", "Bauhaus life, works in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin and its influence", "This It is Bauhaus! —— fifty questions and fifty answers, and the Bauhaus log 1926-1931 (photocopy edition);

There is a description of the influence of Bauhaus on the world: "Only those intellectuals - from Bauhaus to the world memories", "Bauhaus - Modernism in the world", "forms and light - from Bauhaus to Tel Aviv, Bauhaus and the United States, Experimental Photography of the New Bauhaus in Chicago, Mies van der Rohe and Japan, and the Bauhaus teaching of Hannes Meyer - From Dessau to Mexico;

There is a description of Bauhaus and women: "Bauhaus women - lovers of art, crafts and design", "here, they call me Bauhaus women - the life of Ither Frank", "Annie Albers;

There is also a Bauhaus series for children to learn: What is Bauhaus? - Children explore Bauhaus Desau and How do submarines land in the garden? - Children explore Bauhaus architecture.

Tour Highlights 2 Bauhaus and Reading Opening Forum

100 years ago, the Bauhaus era combined with art and science, gave birth to modern design. Today, unless you are a nobleman living in the palace, everything we go out to see, skyscrapers, IKEA and MUJI, and Apple mobile phones, Both are the products of modern design. We are now facing the accelerated development of a new information society to an artificial intelligence society. Advances in technology cannot annihilate the spirit of designing services for the people. Reading allows us to get the warmth of humanity, and the combination of art and technology makes humans sustainable. The Bauhaus caravan travels around the world, let us break the boundaries of the discipline and form an open university without walls. Today, experts from different disciplines were invited to share their stories for us. Through reading and free exchange of knowledge, ordinary people can gain new freedom and equality.

Opening guest speaker


Ding Wei

Dean of School of Art Design and Communication, East China University of Science and Technology, Founder of Trojan Industrial Design, Executive Director of Shanghai Industrial Design Association, Secretary General of Youth Designers Committee

Mr. Ding Wei advocates collaborative innovation and continues to explore the possibilities of China's design development and has won wide acclaim from the industry. Leading the design team to complete more than one thousand design projects, serving PHILIPS, GE, OTIS, Samsung, Intel, Johnson & Johnson and other nearly 50 Fortune 500 companies. Published "Wood Horse Industrial Design Practice", "360 Look at Design", "Thinking and Enlightenment" and other works. In recent years, it has promoted the social innovation project “Design County” plan, used design power to accelerate regional economic transformation and upgrading, and built the ten models of designing county counties, and was selected into the top ten innovation model exhibitions of Shanghai Design Capital. China's only designer who has won the United Nations Educational, Creative and Creative Awards, the German Red Dot Award, the IF Design Award, the US IDEA Design Award, China's Top Ten Industrial Designers, and the China Red Star Awards, and was awarded the UNESCO Award. The outstanding award of the first “Shenzhen Creative Design New Award” of Creative City Network.


Hou Li

Professor and doctoral tutor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University. Harvard University Master of Design and Design, Harvard Yenching Institute Senior Research Scholar (2014-15), Director of International Planning History Association (IPHS), Director of Global Urban History Project (GUHP), Member of Academic Committee of History and Theory of China Urban Planning Society Deputy Secretary-General of the Academic Planning Committee of the China Urban Planning Society, Member of the Shanghai Municipal Planning Commission, Director of the Harvard Alumni Association of Shanghai and Europe and the Alumni Association, and Director of the American Association

Ms. Hou Li's research field is planning history and theory, focusing on the transnational flow and dissemination of modern planning ideas. He is the author of "Bolrick in Shanghai" (Tongji University Press, 2016), Building for Oil: Daqing and the Formation of the Chinese Socialist State (Harvard University Press, 2018).


Hua Lei

HMD Design Group, Vice President, Years of Architecture and Urban Complex Architecture Design, Design and Development of Large-scale Commercial Buildings in the City, Visiting Scholars in Architecture, University of Cambridge, UK, Lecturer in Architecture, Shanghai Tongji University, Department of Architecture, University of East London, UK Assistant Professor, Visiting Lecturer, Department of Architecture, University of Ningbo, Nottingham, UK

Mr. Hua Lei has participated in many large-scale commercial buildings, urban complexes and planning and design projects. At the same time, he is often invited to give lectures and lectures by universities and commercial organizations at home and abroad, such as Shanghai Tongji University, Nottingham Ningbo University, China Commercial Building Alliance, etc. From architectural design theory to business planning practice, his recent architectural works include: Shanghai Global Port, Shanghai No. 1 Department Store's overall renovation design, Shanghai Qiantan SE-4 overall planning and design, and Beijing Daxing New City Master Plan.


Chi Wei

+86 Design Sharing Platform Founder, Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing Guanghua Design and Development Foundation, co-curator of 798 Bauhaus Conference, Chairman of 798 Design Festival and +86 Design Carnival Organizing Committee, Bauhaus Caravan Global Tour China Tour Founder, DPB Design, Global Design Creative Digital Assets Open Source Community Sponsor, Founder of Zhixiang Innovation Industrial Design Company, Tsinghua University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Corporate Mentor

As a pioneer and practitioner of business model innovation in China's industrial design field, Chi Wei successively created the first batch of industrial design companies in Beijing, the first industrial integration company in China, and the first designer integrated store +86design store in the 798 Art District. More than 300 designer brands. Established the Chinese design entrepreneur community--+86 design sharing platform, launched DPB design power blockchain project, designer100 plan, 798 design festival, etc. He has long been committed to innovative design protection, enhance design value, and promote the development of design industry to new The level.

Tour highlights 3 Bauhaus round table salon dialogue live

Every time a Bauhaus caravan arrives, scholars, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs will be invited to participate in the dialogue to discuss the social significance and ideals of Bauhaus's design ecology for the next 100 years, as well as the development of design education. Thinking, and live video streaming live. This is a mobile new design school with no boundaries, a mobile live broadcast hall that can collide with the most sharp design ideas and value propositions, and disseminate modern design ideas through dialogue interviews, seminars and lectures. The mysterious guests who read the festival and participated in the car talks will be announced soon.


Bauhaus Caravan in the past tour round table dialogue guests

Tour highlights four Bauhaus stage costume display and try on

Interactive display of Bauhaus theater costumes from Germany. The audience can try on! Provided by the German Book Information Center.

Tour highlights five Bauhaus two collector's edition film screening

The Bauhaus stage "Stage and Dance" and the Bauhaus media art "Media Art" two films. The imagery is supported by the Cultural and Education Section of the German Consulate General in Shanghai.

Bauhaus stage "Stage and Dance"

包豪斯舞台《Stage and Dance》影片画面2


奥斯卡·施莱默 Kurt Schmidt, 1923

包豪斯舞台《Stage and Dance》影片画面


瓦西里·康定斯基 Wassily Kandinsky,1928

包豪斯媒体艺术《Media Art》

包豪斯媒体艺术《Media Art》影片画面


Werner Graeff

包豪斯媒体艺术《Media Art》影片画面2


Heinrich Brocksieper

Tour Highlights Six Pack House Parent Workshop Green Clothing Design Show

The environmental theme creative story-telling ceremony, which is responsible for the “My +1” public welfare book drifting plan, ““Just a Dream”, Environmental Fashion Design Show” will be held on August 14th in the Digital Experience Zone on the 6th floor of Pudong Library. Welcome 3-6 year old children to sign up! (If you need to register, you can pay attention to Stone Soup official WeChat public number "stone soup book drifting plan")

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