Swiss New Media Artist Marc Lee Interactive Performances & Lecture Sharing

Venue E.S.A. Space
Artist Marc Lee
Event Planner Iris Long
Organizer UNArt Center
Support Pro Helvetia Shanghai

With the development of technology, the value and drawbacks of the broad "virtual technology" in the Internet wave are more and more clearly displayed in front of people. New media artist Marc Lee is dedicated to creating technologies such as web and virtual reality, and is dedicated to exploring the vision, bias and limitations of the information society through artistic means.

On Friday, October 4th, Marc Lee will bring you thinking and discussion about information interaction and popular culture.


©Marc Lee

Me, Myself & I

“Me, Myself & I” questions egocentrism and narcissism as widespread contemporary phenomena and their most popular, in-famous declination: the selfie culture. The digital era emphasizes the individual, who are seen more and more at the center of society, rather than being part of it.

Selfishness and narcissism are widespread, as selfie culture shows: we send mini-me’s into the increasingly important virtual space of our society to make others aware of who we are and, most importantly, who we wish to be. Fiction, fantasies, exhibitionism, confessions, self-indulgent activities, solipsism motifs are the drivers behind our virtual life, with corporations and media shaping our (perceived) reality and exploiting recklessly our desires and fantasies, leading us further away from reality. The permanent representation of the lives of others also creates pressure to depict one’s own life, which becomes a design object, and strengthens the spiral of staging through selfies and body cult.

This is where “Me, Myself & I” steps in and offers us an opportunity to develop new states of perception. In the virtual environment, images and reality are perceived unmistakably and unambiguously as being mutually incompatible. This helps the participant to decouple externally constructed realities from their natural environment.

Me, Myself and I

©Marc Lee

Exhibiton The Kind Stranger 2019.08.24-10.20
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