“M² Memories in Materials”, as the one of the opening events for the UNArt Center (previously Shanghai Dongchang Cinema), is accepting proposals from today (12th, Nov., 2017), that global artists, sociologists, architects and scientists are all very welcomed and encouraged to join in.

The original Dongchang Cinema's site - UNArt Center - will be upgraded as an international platform for the communication of science, art and education, which is a pioneer in China. The launch of the Open Call indicates a youthful transformation of Dongchang Cinema, the cultural landmark of Lujiazui. And a newly emerging cultural complex that focuses on youth and crossover activities is forthcoming.

Why “M²”

The films use to be the memories of a generation, while for the current young generation, what will become their memories in the new era? How can we arouse the cultural empathy competence of young generation? Under these issues, the theme of "M² Materials in Memories" came into being.
This open call attempts to cooperate with various artists, sociologists, architects and scientists to break through the boundaries of disciplines and media, by letting them penetrate and cross-reference with each other through the combination of ideas and methods. By creatively using the physical materials and unphysical materials reserved during the renewal process of Dongchang Cinema, they will together narrate the new crossover story in the new space of Dongchang. The material itself is a link to the message of the times, triggering the senses of the new era and they will be regarded as the spiritual “umbilical cord” between us and the past for connecting, conducting, and delivering us to the new future and it turns out that the Dongchang Cinema will be updated as the new cultural memories of new generation.

Calling For Who?

Anyone who are interested in this project or has creative practice in the fields of science, sociology, architecture and art.


The works and proposals must creatively use the physical and unphysical materials of Dongchang Cinema. Please choose the options listed below to create proposal. The design is required to meet the building space atmosphere and human space perception.


  • Public art installation (such as information desk, seats, lamps, etc.)
  • Outdoor landscape design of Dongchang Cinema
  • The overall Identification system design
  • Interdisciplinary or intermedia art works / projects
Material List / Physical material
1 放映机_副本

1.  Projector

2 屋顶钢架_副本

2.  Roof Steel Frame

3 一楼大厅吊顶_副本

3.  1st Floor Hall Ceiling

4 灯_副本

4. Lamps

5 瓦片_副本

5. Tile

6 屋顶木架、木板、木屋顶所有构件_副本

6. Roof Wooden Frame, Plank, All the wooden roof components

7 水磨石地坪_副本

7. Terrazzo Floor

8 有印花砖石_副本

8. Bricks (some with pattern/character)

9 旧家具_副本

9. Old furniture

10 立面上的窗结构_副本

10 立面上的窗结构

Material List / Unphysical material

(include but not limited to)

1. Videos and Images of Dongchang Cinema
2. Dictation content from surrounding community and public
3. Various and relevant text information
4. Scenario applications of science and technology

How to Apply Online


m2 sehedule

1. APPLY ONLINE:Nov 12, 2017 - Dec12, 2017 (Deadline to apply: 23:00, Dec12, 2017)(http://m.unart.art-geeks.com.cn/)
2. Qualification Assessment:Shortlisted applicants will be informed the results by the official via e-mail on Dec15, 2017
3. Online Submissions of Detailed Proposal:Dec 16, 2017 - Dec 26, 2017 (Deadline to submit: 23:00,Dec 26, 2017)
4.Proposal Selection:Dec 27, 2017 - Dec 30, 2017(The selection results will be officially announced on Dec 31, 2017.)
5.Production:January-February 2018 
6.Exhibition and Special Projects:March 2018

About UNArt Center

The UNArt Center is dedicated to becoming an international communication platform connecting technology, art and education. It is located in Dongchang Cinema, the first cinema in Pudong, Shanghai. Through a new perspective of art and an open mindset, it combines multidisciplinary and collaborative multi-media to present cutting-edge research results at home and abroad, promote science and technology education and explore a cross-industry partnership model.

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F&Q: If you have any enquiries, please contact: m2_unart@163.com

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