3.1 Living Distance







《脱离》的主角是刘昕设计的一个名叫EBIFA的自主机械生命体,承载着艺术家的一颗智齿。 EBIFA将乘坐着蓝色起源火箭到达进入太空,在失重的空间里完成一段表演之后重新进入大气层,降回到地表。EBIFA在升空之后被激活,在零重力中延展,生长,运动。这段旅程,是一次在宇宙里新的生命体的可能——EBIFA的身体是手塑的烧拉玻璃水晶,她的生命由复杂的机电系统支持着。刘昕的作品大多审视技术的谜语以及其对人类生活经验中的影响。“宇宙的空间\时间尺度与个体生命的尺度之间是脱节的。这种脱节所引发的疏离感是我在《脱离》里试图测量的距离:它存在与真实空间和形而上的双重维度里,也是个体在宇宙里渺小性与独特性之间的距离。”

Living Distance

Liu Xin (China)

Installation, EBIFA components (duplicate) aluminum, brass, steel, electronics, glass, tooth model

Two channel video, 2019

Courtesy Artist

What is it like to be so light? Floating spinning, detached from what we know.

Living Distance is a fantasy and a mission, in which a wisdom tooth is sent to the outer space and back down to Earth again. Carried by a crystalline robotic sculpture called EBIFA, the tooth becomes a newborn entity in outer space and tells the inconsequential, but ever so unique story of a person in this universe. The wisdom tooth’s passage into space as if it were a newborn entering the world—its body a crystalline sculpture and its life supported by an electromechanical system. On May 2nd, 2019 the work took a round trip to the sub-orbital space on-board a Blue Origin New Shepard flight NS11. The sculpture activated during lift-off, continued its growth and occupation of space, and rest during the return to Earth as it shattered into pieces. Each of its weightless movements is carefully calculated on paper and modeled in simulation software, as there can never be a test on Earth. Similarly, in our life and sciences, predictions are only a means to collect plausible realities.

Exhibiton Latent Spectators 2019.11.09-2020.01.19
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