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Xie Wen: Dongchang Cinema is the first cinema in Pudong New Area. Since its establishment in 1954, this cinema has already carried many memories of our parents and is a cultural landmark of Pudong New Area. Next year, the entire Dongchang cinema will become a new cultural landmark. The first one is the Wenchuang Scenario Experience Zone. We will combine the crowdfunding platform with the new cultural and creative brand, and all kinds of young, fashionable, experimental and growth brands will enter the public space. In addition, we will have the first professional electronic arena and interactive performing arts and versatile theaters in the country. Then the third UNArt Cross-Media Art Center brings you more interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary artistic presentations. We hope to integrate the three themes of art, education and science to meet and lead the new cultural content of young people and future generations.

In fact, in addition to working in our lives, there are many different roles in different fields. This multiple identity and professional experience, we use different colors to mark, just like these colored small labels on our body, there is Entertaining, entrepreneurial, and electronic Internet people, including research and education. These people, colors, and balls seem to be scattered, but what we have to do with UNCommunity is to twist everyone into a rope and condense all the scattered, cross-border, and interesting interests on our platform. Become a member of our UNCommunity.


We hope that this group is UNion,United, UNique, UNLock, UNpredictable, UNcertainty, UNlimited, UNiverse U and with you, need your presence to have our organization Existence, existence of groups. So I once again called on everyone to become a member of our team. I hope that everyone will become a contributor, curator, speaker, designer, creator, manufacturer, organizer and partner of UNArt. We hope that you will participate more actively in the whole organization. And the production of content. So the original concept of UNArt seems to us to hope to unite with the excellent and active teams and institutions of different disciplines. We have a dozen or so sponsors of different institutions, because all of our growth is based on the efforts of everyone we are present.


"The Electric Skin" Vivian Xu Creation 2016: "The Electric Skin" mainly explores the new experience that electronic skin can bring to human senses. Through wearable devices, artificial leather can sense the weak electrostatic field changes in the environment and transmit electrical signals. Transformed into a vibrating touch, allowing the wearer to sense the electric field through the touch, and have a new understanding and experience of space, body and movement.


Cao Nan: I am very honored to participate in this activity today. In fact, I am a little bit inexplicable. Many friends have recommended me to come over. I don’t know specifically. I came here to know what this kind of activity needs to do. Today I want to introduce to you, because today is a cross-customer event, everyone may be interested in this cross-disciplinary subject, and my lab is just such a place, my students are from Tongji University. The School of Creativity and Design, which has art students, has fewer students studying art, and many students from mathematics and computer science, so try to combine these technologies and art to make some really useful tools and advanced technologies.

The name of our college is called the Intelligent Big Data Visualization Lab. We do these pieces, one is artificial intelligence, the other is big data analysis, and the other is visualization. Then this is myself, myself. I am a complete science man. Then I have been studying in the computer industry since I started studying. Then I work at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. After the Ph.D. in computer science, I went to the computer researcher and scientist at the IBM Watson Institute in the United States. So in this project, I have been in contact with technology. Then one day I decided to go back to China. There are several colleges that have extended the olive branch to me, some schools with partial technology, and schools with pure technology. I finally chose the Tongji University School of Creative and Design. The atmosphere of their college is more suitable for the development of interdisciplinary fields. Our college is a more artistic environment. The college will hold a variety of exhibitions from time to time. We have a lot of exhibition space. Every time we finish a class, this professor will let my students do their big homework. An exhibition, please visit these exhibitions with these peer experts. It is a very artistic environment, and our teachers are very technical and can do all kinds of partial art projects. For example, we have the first FABLab, 3d printing and hardware facilities in China.

Our lab specializes in visual analysis. What is a visual analysis? I will give you a few examples. Then the big data world may focus on anomaly detection. What is anomaly detection? It means that we find something that is not normal from the data to make it appear. For example, we have a certain disease in the body's data, which is abnormal compared to normal conditions. So our technology will be used in several areas. One is about the field of information security, detecting who is spreading rumors to catch such rumors. There is also the field of knowing common sense, detecting abnormal traffic flow, traffic flow, and predicting and warning of some disasters. For example, we will use it in the medical field to detect various diseases.

Now I want to introduce what is information visualization and its purpose. Osama bin Laden’s killing news was sent by Twitter. Someone posted a message that bin Laden was killed. The news was quickly spread and relayed and reported in major media. Why spread so fast, 14 million forwards in 24 hours? Therefore, researchers and scientists in a company called socialflow in the United States have drawn the process of information forwarding and expressed it intuitively. (Case Study) Information visualization is not a new thing. It has been studied abroad for at least 30 years, and there will be a large number of visual works, all of which have a common feature: they look very beautiful, like an artistic work. The other is to focus on information and pursue intuitive expression. I have encountered many problems when I first started to visualize. Visualization is known as "nice to have" rather than a "must to have", the scientists are looking for a breakthrough. Suddenly one day in 2006, the United States published a white paper on Obama's big data, and everyone is discussing big data. When the amount of data is large, it is difficult to capture the information directly. It is found that visualization is an indispensable technology, and how to express data more intuitively. So at that time a large number of visual works were born.


Hu Dapeng: Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. Today, I am very honored to be able to come to this lecture and have a meaningful exploration and exchange with everyone. First of all, let me introduce the topic I want to talk about - the blockchain finance in the field of creation and the future. Here, we will conduct a cross-border discussion and cooperation in the art field. You can look at the composition of our team. Internet, art, artificial intelligence, and blockchain form a team that we want to bring to everyone. It is hoped to create a better life in the digital world through scientific and technological means in the field of art. This is also the vision of our team.

One problem we are trying to solve now is a problem with high-value assets and identity in IP consumer products. Then we launched a solution called digital lacquer. The one we use is a traditional NFC technology, which is convenient for everyone to use the mobile phone to complete the verification of the whole process. At the same time, one of our innovations is that we use the distributed card issuing technology such as blockchain to carry out data. The storage, while the traditional data read and write and secure encryption process is guaranteed by the traditional FRD chip solution, this process can bring the following benefits.

Let's talk about our implementation principle: The first step is that we will have a client. After entering the interface through ArtGeeks client, we can register some of our paintings and design products. If you register, if you If you want to apply for an AG digital lacquer, you can click on the application. After the application is successful, we can see that the background will receive the application request. We will store our information in the blockchain through the card reader and write it at the same time. Enter the chip of your own AG digital lacquer, and we will send the chip to the user. After receiving the simple activation action, the user can attach it to his artwork, which is completed. This label corresponds to the identity of the artwork. You can see the usage scenarios. For example, when we use the transaction mode of Alipay and Taobao to complete the transaction in the process of online trading, we send the artwork with digital lacquer to the consumers through the logistics express, and the consumers can also use their own The NFC mobile phone scans the digital paint to verify the identity. This process is to complete the identification of the asset value and identity of a work. Our data is transferred over the Internet through the storage chain of the blockchain, which can digitally transfer our assets. Our traditional physical assets have become a digital asset that can be circulated on the Internet. At the same time, when we identify, the information is stored in the blockchain, so every operation we do is recorded and can be Tracing back, this is the core application of the blockchain. Our entrepreneurial team also wants to solve the whole process of a traditional asset-to-asset digitization that allows him to flow to the Internet to form its asset mark and asset financial securities through some application of blockchains that are currently achievable. We want to implement the application of the latter financial field through some simple scenario applications.


William Feng: Hello everyone, today I represent the slash youth to share and discuss with you. The slash youth originated from a writer. He first proposed a dual career and was the first to propose the concept of a slash. With the diversification of the information acquisition channels of the society, I think that the young people of the slash have some definition changes on my side. I think the definition of the current slash youth is that you must have a skill and a skill. The director went to expand again. It must have a carrier, just as the blockchain of Internet finance used as a carrier and artificial intelligence as a carrier, then your specialty must have a carrier.

Next, let me share how a little story of mine becomes a young slash. This picture is a road. I can explain that I am a graduate of a vehicle engineering major. I have liked the car since I was a child. I also read it. I majored in vehicle engineering at Tongji University. After graduation, I also worked for two car companies. When I thought that I could only work in the automotive field in my life, I have already prepared some cross-border preparations. The process is very difficult. After all, it is to compete with other people's professional fields. My first cross-border area is simultaneous translation. Everyone knows that one of them needs a good language. But for automotive students, our understanding of the automotive industry is an advantage because we translate you. Still need a carrier of translation, to get the professional terminology, this is my first identity change. The second identity, I am now a young collector, collecting models. I am now collecting models of cars, LEGO, and airplanes, and I have included everything related to my own life in my collection. The third identity is that I have transformed from a car professional to an investor. I know that investing is the financial industry. How can it be related to vehicle engineering? It is also because I have learned a lot in the automotive industry in recent years. It is said that there is a specialization in the industry. Everyone can see that I have made some achievements in these cross-border areas rather than just preferences. I think it is the slash youth who can change the future. Our way of thinking may be single-line, or it may be that there are many parallel structures in our minds. For me, telling me something, I will have a picture similar to my mind map in my mind. So what are the benefits of becoming a slash youth? I think it can be a very interesting person. Everyone actually does not necessarily just make money, but more to make it interesting to remember him. Young people with slashes have been involved in many fields, and it is also very interesting to communicate with him. Another one is high efficiency. When you want to talk about some cooperation or promote some projects, the industry in your mind will naturally give you some ideas. The third benefit I think is a lever. As a lever to incite the resources around me to influence more people, the slash youth will play a greater role. Let me tell you an example here. This is a car BMW GINA. This car is especially in the first concept car made of textile material. The body line is not fixed. The effect is that it can be like a human. Communicate with you, we also call her a concept of human-computer interaction. This is actually a combination of materials, science and art. This indicates that we can explore more possibilities in the future. Thank you.

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