M·M² Memories in Materials | Dongchang Encyclopedia : 04. Wood-Steel Truss & Roof Panel

Matters of Materials in Memories

From the "M² Memories in Materials" art practice collection plan launched at the end of 2017 to the final finalist list, the comprehensive upgrade project of Dongchang Cinema is also underway. The material and non-material materials left by the cinema are the spiritual umbilical cord between us and the past, connecting, transmitting, and transmitting to the new future – making Dongchang Cinema a new generation of cultural memory.

Dongchang Encyclopedia is a series of UNArt's research topics on Dongchang Cinema Materials. Through the review and interview of architecture, video, community and human history, the memories that have dissipated in the fog of time will be re-constructed.

Wood-Steel Truss —— 【Roof system materials of Dongchang Cinema】

Chinese name: 钢木屋架  English name: Wood-Steel Truss
Details: triangular truss made of steel material connected to wood
Uses: roof construction for commercial and public buildings, residential buildings
Features: high strength, light weight, suitable for large span roofing

A wooden truss is a truss made up of wooden members. It is the main load-bearing structure of wooden roofs, wooden bridges and wooden towers. It is commonly known as a wooden truss when used in wooden roofs. The wooden trusses are mainly in the form of triangles, trapezoids and polygons. The wooden trusses are divided into wooden trusses and steel trusses by the materials used for the strings. Dongchang Cinema should mainly adopt the form of triangular steel truss.
The commonly used form is the truss of the hoist, which replaces the lower string of the wood with steel. The rigidity of the steel lower string is larger, which is good for earthquake resistance. In addition, the form of the roof truss will be selected according to the type of building and drainage requirements. Clay tiles and cement flat tiles require a large slope. The triangular roof trusses are used. At the same time, the wooden trusses do not produce obvious crowning under the long-term load, and the materials are thicker, and the arching degree is also pre-made during production.

Features: high support strength, overall light weight, high design flexibility

In 2013, the main part of the wooden truss roof system was a triangular-structured timber frame made of galvanized steel connecting plates (roof slats). The high strength and light weight of the wooden truss makes it suitable for large-span roofing, providing great flexibility for roofing graphic design. The roof truss can be designed in almost any shape and size, so it is suitable for unique structures and roof shape designs. Wooden trusses are widely used in commercial and school public buildings as well as roof construction for single-family and multi-family dwellings.
Judging from the materials removed from the roof of Dongchang Cinema, although the vicissitudes of the past 100 years, the structural materials are still relatively intact, it can be seen that the construction of Dongchang Cinema was extremely fine. The reuse of these well-preserved materials will also have important significance and will be the inheritance of Dongchang culture.

Roof Panel —— 【Roof system materials of Dongchang Cinema】

Chinese name: 望板  English name: Roof Panel
Specifications: length 4000mm, thickness 10-15mm
Details: the joint between the plate and the plate is scraped into a slanting sill
Uses: roof waterproofing, insulation, heat insulation
Features: ordinary wood-based panels, thinner

The lookout board, also known as the roof panel, is laid on the board of the rafter to support the roof tile. It can also be nailed directly to the purlin. A waterproof layer, an insulating layer, a heat insulating layer, and a tile are generally laid thereon. The viewing board is divided into a vertical viewing board and a horizontal viewing board. The horizontal viewing boards are relatively thin, and the nails are vertically laid in the direction of the rafters, and the joints between the boards and the boards are scraped into a slanting slant for lap joints (this lap joint, craftsman) They call it the willow seam). These types of viewing boards are relatively thin, usually 1.5 to 2.5 cm, and it is inferred that the Dongchang Cinema should be a horizontal viewing board. The wooden watch tile roof has better waterproof and thermal insulation effect, but it consumes more wood and has higher cost. It is mostly used in buildings with high quality requirements.

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