[International Space Station] Marnix de Nijs: Drifting, Intervention, and the Journey of Cleansing

Executive Editor | Pocono Zhao Yu

001魅影视域Pictures by Lavinia Xausa

Ghosted Views 2018

Photo by Lavinia Xausa

During the Museumnacht010, V2_  presented two installations by Rotterdam-based artist Marnix de Nijs in 2019.

Ghosted Views

Ghosted Views is a cinematic journey in which your screen view acts as a wormhole, transporting you to a fascinating point cloud realm, precise in details and simultaneously dark and abstract. As you stand on a controller pod and navigate over and through 3D terrain, a sense of physical instability takes over you and your platform becomes an anchor to hold on to. Within this world where gravity seems to have disappeared, the user gradually becomes telepresent in a parallel space by exploring a mediated version the exhibition venu and reconstructed parts of the surrounding city.


Terracleanse 2019
Interactive installation


Terracleanse (2019) is an immersive experience in which participants journey with a vacuum cleaner through an endlessly unfolding, point-cloud reconstruction of exterior spaces projected on a large screen.

The project combines depth map information and panoramic photographs from Google Street View's API in an ethereal labyrinth which expands in real-time. Standing in front of a large projection screen, armed with a wireless vacuum cleaner, the user begins with choosing his or her most unfavorable street, neighbourhood, city or conflict area. They can then explore and decide which parts of the projected reconstructions should be vacuumed.


Super Eva 2001
a dance piece for man&machine


Beijing Accelerator 2006
Interactive installation

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