[Foreword for the lnaugural lssue ] UNArt 2020 Inaugural Editorial:Redefine Boundaries

Redefine Boundaries

UNArt 2020 Inaugural Editorial

COVID-19 hit the world unexpectedly in 2020, and the entire globe unites as one to live through this pandemic. All humankind is concerning about the constantly changing data of demographics, society, medical care, technology, and finance... It is like the scattered chessmen that cannot be restored to their default positions. The human society  seems to hit a pause button, however, a huge demand for the rebound is being accumulated behind the compulsory respite.  

What could we do to save the present? How could we get ready for the uncontrollable uncertainties? How to confront the unforeseen future? In order to cope with the crisis, perhaps we should break and redefine boundaries, establish connections, rely on each others and collaborate to overcome this threat, and contemplate how altruism may bring wellbeing to ourselves. Perhaps, this moment could be the turning point for people to pursue the cooperative development of humanity and nature, technology and art, and society and principles.  

UNArt 2020 is a newly launched bilingual online journal. It builds up a cooperative network of global technology and art institutions via exchanging opinions and embracing different ideas. We hope to create an inclusive and dynamic space for all and form distinctive energy that facilitates social innovation in this ever-expanding universe of information.   

 How could we build a more wholesome, satisfying, and unbiased world that can survive this big challenge? UNArt 2020 would continue to stimulate our imagination of the new era by constantly examining  interdisciplinary innovation. 

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