Ye Funa


Ye Funa (born 1986, in Kunming, China), is an artist based in Beijing. Graduated from Experimental Department of Central Academy of Art in 2008 and Fine Art Department of Central Saint Martin College of Art & Design,  University of Art London in 2010, She works in varied media includes video, Photography, installation, performance and participational projects.

Funa Ye`s practice is mainly concerned with the relationship between the realities of every day life, the perceived connection between authority and many areas of social life such as different power structure, ethnic groups, and the fictional space of propaganda for the concept of ‘perfection’ in an ideological system, and utopian landscape. Therefore, the work is politically charged, subtly engaged in pastiche as a satirizing style of propaganda. The work of Funa is rich in reference, parody and irony of the uniformity cultures.

Recently Funa became a social activist. Organizing some participatory, crowd- sourcing projects, such as Exhibitionist: Curated Nail and Peep Stream. She is using internet to work with people,  questioning how art system may be incorporated into our private lives and social activities.

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